Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  When is the next uniform sale at my hospital?


Mercy Health Anderson


Location: Hospital Lobby

9/16/14  7am-5pm; 9/17/14  7am-1pm

3/11/15  7am-5pm; 3/12/15  7am-1pm

Mercy Health Clermont

2015 Sales Pending


Mercy Health Fairfield


2015 Sales Pending


Mercy Health Jewish


Location: Bank Building

8/28/14 7am-5pm; 8/29/14 7am-1pm

2015 Sales Pending



  Why are we changing uniforms?

    Mercy Health rolled out the new brand (logo) in the fall of 2011. In order to better establish our brand and share with our community that we are one system, the decision was made to regionalize uniforms.  All employees will be expected to wear the new uniforms beginning August 1, 2012.

  How do I get the new uniforms?

You may purchase uniforms either on the website or at one of the auxiliary/guild uniform sales held at a hospital.


  Are there additional styles available than what I see on-line?

The focus of the web-site is the availability of core items.  These core items are available for immediate delivery.  Additional styles and brands will be made available at the periodic uniform sales held at the Mercy Health Hospitals.

  Is it cheaper to purchase online?

The core items found on the website are sold at the same price as the uniform sales.  The only difference being that all items purchased at a hospital sale will be shipped free of charge.

  Can I wear uniforms purchased or embroidered from some other company?

    No.  The uniforms are standardized throughout Mercy and have the Mercy logo on them.  Roberts Uniforms is the uniform / embroidery vendor authorized by Mercy. Only those uniforms can be worn.  

  I already have scrubs or a lab coat " can I get that embroidered with the Mercy Logo?

No.  Robert's Medical Uniforms is unable to embroider customer owned garments.

  If we order uniforms during the uniform sale will we be able to take the uniforms with us?

Not at this time.  All uniforms will be ordered and shipped to the hospital where you placed your order.  Again, there is no charge for shipping on orders placed at the uniform sales.  Please keep in mind that your order will be delivered to the site where your fitting takes place.  You must pick your order up.  No orders will be shipped through inter-office or inter-hospital mail.

  What if I'm not here on Delivery Day?

All orders will be shipped to the Auxiliary or Guild that hosts the sale.  When you place your order you will provide information that will them to contact you to make arrangements for pickup at another time.


  What does "Professional Attire, Lab Coats, Scrub Tops, and Scrub Pants" mean?

    Some of the departments such as Pharmacy do not specify whether the uniforms will be Professional Attire and Lab Coats or Scrub/Polo Tops and Pants.  It is up to the Department Director/Manager what you will wear. 

  The grid has "Polo Shirt and Black Pants".  Do I have to buy black pants from Roberts Uniforms?

    No, employees who are uniformed in any type of pants other than scrub pants may wear their own pants as long as they meet the color and any other uniform policy requirements. However, Robert's will offer styles for you to purchase.

  When do we have to start wearing the new uniforms?

    All employees will be in the new uniforms by August 1, 2012.


  What does "Employee provided" and "Hospital provided" mean?

    "Employee provided" means the employee is responsible for purchasing and laundering his or her own uniforms. They keep their uniforms at home and take care of them there. 

    "Hospital provided" means that the uniforms are kept and laundered by the hospital.  These are mostly surgical departments.  An inventory of sizes will be kept in the department and employees will pick up the uniforms and change here on site.

 Hospital provided employees are not included in the fitting schedule. 

  What about our old uniforms?

There will be a process where you can donate your old uniform to charity.

 Details will be coming soon.